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Tuesday Doubles

The Doubles League runs on Tuesday at 7:45 p.m and is open to all adult male and female members.   

Teams are selected by random selection at the beginning of each of three draws. Upon completion of each draw, the top team will be declared Doubles champion for that draw. This team will also be qualified for the end of season playoff for the overall Doubles Championship. The winner of the second draw will receive a bye to the final.

Players are responsible for finding a spare for yourself or you can inform your doubles partner and they can find one. To maintain competitive balance in the league, spares should be similar in experience to the player be replaced.

Scoring: Win = 8pts. Tie = 4pts each. Each end taken = 1pt. Blank end = 1/2pt. Default Win = 12pts. Tie Breaker = Head to Head. The final game score of a team which plays an extra game due to byes will not count in the scoring.

Doubles is a fun twist on the traditional game. Two person teams compete, throwing 5 rocks per team. One player throws the first and last rock and the other player throws rocks two, three and four. Each end starts with two staged rocks; one on the centre line half way between the house and hog line and the other rock just behind and touching the tee line. This can vary as each team has the option of one power play per game when they have choice. In that instance the team will pick which side they want the rocks placed on and the guard goes half way between the tee and house with the inside edge of the rock touching the four foot line. The other rock is then placed  with the back of the rock touching the tee line and the outside edge touching the twelve foot. The team whose rock is positioned out front throws first. No stone in play, including the “positioned” stones and those in the house, can be moved to an out-of-play position prior to the delivery of the fourth stone of an end. (the fourth delivered stone is the first stone that can remove any stone from play).


      Normal Set-up                              Power Play Set-up 

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